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    Prue Halliwell


    Prue Halliwell
    Just after her death in 3.22 -- All Hell Breaks Loose
    Shannen Doherty

    email:; AIM: snarkypetrelli


    Prue is extremely intelligent and driven. She's also incredibly serious, which is due to a combination of a lot of things -- her mother's death, her position as the eldest sister, her anger at her father, and her position as surrogate mother of sorts for her two younger sisters.

    She takes things incredibly seriously, almost personally, as she did when she was in a car accident with Phoebe; Prue was the one driving, while Phoebe was the one hospitalized. Prue blamed herself for Phoebe's hospitalization, even though the entire thing was just an accident. Even at that age, she was well used to taking care of her sisters and this made her feel a little bit like she'd failed Phoebe. (Also, years later, she would feel personally responsible for the death of Andy Trudeau, her former boyfriend.)

    Her responsible nature leads to an intense dedication to witchcraft in general and to being a Charmed One in particular. Good comes out of this -- she invents the crystal demon-trapping cage that the sisters use even well after her death -- but she also develops an intense obsession with taking out demons. Not entirely surprisingly, this leads to her nearly killing Cole at one point. It also leads to her being so blind to any outside problems that she doesn't realize when she is being stalked by a human woman. (She also develops a massive case of suppressing her desires in the worst way possible -- which results in her kind of ruining her sister Piper's wedding. Um, oops?)

    Despite her serious and responsible nature, however, she wasn't only focused on serious things -- she was student council president (which, yes, serious thing but in an entirely different way) and a cheerleader, even making head cheerleader at one point during her years on the squad.

    She isn't just serious and responsible, she's also stubborn. Don't get an argument with her -- she argues to win, which tends to lead to an argument with her sisters deteriorating as she tries to prove her point no matter what.

    She gave up her dreams to help raise her sisters, though she always kept those dreams in mind. She worked for Buckland Auction House for a while, and even enjoyed her job to a large degree, but it wasn't what she truly wanted to do. Being a witch and a Charmed one, though, teaches her that it is possible to follow your dreams and have amazing things happen; this is what drives her to quit the auction house and become a photojournalist.


    Prue is proficient at the same basic spell-casting abilities that all witches have, as well as having the Power of Three behind her. She also has a high resistance to physical and magical resistance, since she's an upper-level witch.

    Her active power, however, is telekinesis, which allows her to move things with her mind. It's more than just simple telekinesis, however, it breaks down into a few different categories.

    Telematerialization: The form of telekinesis she uses to materialize liquids elsewhere.

    Deviation: The ability to deflect magical attacks in another direction.

    Agility: She can use her telekinesis to give her a bit of a boost, enhancing her speed and balance.

    Advanced Telekinesis: The ability to create powerful waves of energy.

    She can also astral project, which is something she gained in her second year as a witch.


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